Sarah Armstrong-Brown


Sarah Armstrong-Brown is an actor, singer, and voice over professional living in New York. A Virginia native, Sarah’s career has spanned stage and screen, performing in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, and many other beautiful places across the country.

Her passions include travel, new musical development, Mexican food, The Great American Songbook, soft t-shirts, anything by Whitney Houston, freshly-baked cookies, list-making (clearly), and spending time outside with her husband, Mike, and her not-quite-year-old lab, Echo.


“Love Me, Love Me Not” by Joey Contreras. Recorded live at Don’t Tell Mama in NYC.


Recent VO

Facebook spot for California Milk Board — isn’t our CEO just the CUTEST? #boss


Teaser trailer for The Box Squad, now available on the App Store!

Can you guess which “Hi-YA” is mine? ;)


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